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2 Replies to “Hello, Visitors!”

  1. I lost so much time (hours, or maybe even 2 days) trying to insert that Gravatar picture into my User profile, since it was and it is the only choice, and all in vain.
    I was able only to create my profile inside that Gravatar, and put there the profile picture.
    I connected everything, as they asked me to, but I never reached my goal – to put a picture on my User (owner if a website) profile.
    Hopefully, somebody who will receive this comment may advise me on my next steps in that direction – to get the picture to my User from Gravatar.
    Did I tell that Gravatar sent me a zip file that was full of my own images, however I did not know why do I need all my images in a zipped file. I have them anyways everywhere. Not helpful!
    A magic circle of Gravatar.
    I am not a magician, however.

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