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A few words about creation of my books. The first book appeared after 9 years of working on it. There was a 4-year break once in those 9 years. I started it as a diary when I came to USA in 1995 and suddenly got married in 3 weeks, and stayed for good for that reason. The other reason was that Russians were not very welcomed in some national republics of the former Soviet Union, and their citizenship was taken away. So, being a teacher of English language for adults for 5 years, and not having citizenship at all – naturally, I was happy to get married in USA, even it was a little bit too fast. Nevertheless, the marriage lasted for 9 years, and my first Russian book came to its logical ending. We may say – a happy ending, since the marriage fell apart by itself, without any scandals or big reasons.

In 2004 I went to Russia and Europe for the first time and made an agreement with a Moscow publisher to publish my first book in a modest amount of copies. In 2011 I at last figured out how to publish my book on Amazon. My Russian book was covered with English covers, front and back, saying that it is a Russian language book. Soon, I published my first 50-page-long experimental dual language book based on Chekhov and Goncharov. After that I made a few more books of the same dual nature, mostly Russian-English, but sometimes English-Russian. Mostly compilations of professional literary translators, but sometimes my own translations, and always my own accompanying notes, which could have consisted of discussing of translations, grammar explanations, theory of grammar of three languages – English, Russian, and Spanish. By the year 2011 I had already studied Spanish in California for 9 years, so, logically, I started making trilingual books. My preference in books strongly inclined to classics. One cannot go wrong reading, studying, and rereading the classics of the world! Russian literature can proudly present a few of the well-known classics.

My books are very different. The formatting thought does not repeat itself. I always have an original idea for each book. That’s right: my books are my babies. I just heard this yesterday from an Australian standup comedian who just has published her book. Well, if she has one book, I have by now about 20. And this is just the amount talk. There is no comparison of a book by a comedian and a book by educator based on classics. Some of my books are very good, meaning that I like them a lot, but a few of my books are not very successful in a sense of what I think about them. However, if you published your book on Amazon, for example, (I was with a different publisher till February 2018), you cannot completely remove it. That’s why there is no sense to cry over spilt milk, or over already published book. It will be hanging there anyway even after you die. Ok, during my life I can “unpublish” it, or keep it out of publication. However, I cannot remove or delete my book.

So, let them be all there. I also published a few books for a few other people, writers. I know for sure that those books are not bought. And I am not necessarily on a communicating terms with those people. It goes as it goes. Not always we can control life. Often times it controls us.

After I created a few trilingual books, I remembered that I love French very much, and I devoted to it a few years in my first university, and later, a few semesters in California colleges. So, I created my first 4-language book based on a story by Albert Camus. I love that book, that 4-language baby! It did not give me too much trouble, and the book came out very good. Then I started studying German, more exactly I started remembering it from many years ago, and taking class after class from Arizona colleges. Then I started creating 5-language books. And so it goes.

My books do not bring me any significant monetary benefits, because I am an awfully bad, weak business person. I am unlucky and unsuccessful in my teaching jobs, as well I am unlucky in my personal life and things. Maybe I should not say that, but it is truth, and I remain a fighter for my happiness. The latter is also truth. All in life balances sooner or later. So, I guess, this is my strange balance between my above mentioned circumstances and my personal nature.

I have a dream to create a catalog of my books with detailed descriptions, and of my UTube video-lectures. My UTube must have about 500 meaningful lectures at least. There are about 1000 of my creations, but I want to catalog mostly grammar, literature, social information – anything what is of educational value. I do love animals and nature, so I have a few videos of those topics. They do not need to be cataloged.

I have a dream! Why do I need it? Just for clarity for myself, for better control of my time, and to summarize my hard work from 2011 to present, that is 8 years. I was always a hard worker, but these 8 years I have been creating books and videos.

I always appreciate the interest of people to my creations. I never hesitate to go extra mile to assist people who ask of favors, like, for instance, to make an audio of 60 pages, and post it.

I want to say a little about accents and pronunciation. I do speak with accent other languages. It depends on many immediate and constant factors how heavy is that accent, or it goes pretty smooth. Some not very polite people may leave negative comments about the accent when it is more pronounced. This is a shortcoming of all this work. And it is inevitable. Suddenly a person gets angry that I explain grammar in English, and he expected Russian. He leaves a nasty comment. I wish people were just better mannered! However, I’d better grow a thicker skin for this type of things.

Thank you for reading my “few words” about my work, especially in the last 8 years! I will see you here or on my UTube, or speak to you through one of my books!

All my books are available on Barnes and Noble as of today – June 17, 2020. Please do not pay attention to amazon/kindle corrupted links. I will try to remove bad links as I go. It’s not easy because there are too many of them in too many different places. But I will keep working on this. Now I came to this page and I will remove bad links from here. Some links are still good on amazon. And, they definitely continue selling all my files. All stores are selling my books. The matter is that the author does not know about the details.

RUSSIAN-ENGLISH-SPANISH TRILINGUAL BOOK based on the World Masterpiece Classical Short Story by Anton P. Chekhov: The Lady with The Dog (English, 
Spanish and Russian Edition) (Russian) 2nd Edition

by Zoia Eliseyeva  (Author)

Book is available on Barnes and Noble, and maybe on Amazon

Last time I checked, quite recently, they had a perfect mess there with my books: 1) Amazon USA Author’s page shows only 20 percent of my books. 2) Different countries/languages Author’s Page may show other titles, but USA readers would unlikely look into those 3) They have horrible mistakes with prices on Amazon USA – like 400 or 900 for a book. Is it a general error or intentional? If it is not intentional, it is quite persistent, because I told their representatives a few times about that. 4) They say that a book is out of stock – and this is not true: Barnes and Noble gloriously has all my titles by Zoia Eliseyeva and by Zoia Sproesser /Sproesser last name existed in my biographical history only from 2007 to 2014/. 5) They corrupted my links to the books and those links are all over. I can correct a bad link if I come across it. One at a time. I have over 1000 video posts and it is impossible to see and correct all the links I could have left for the last few years under some video posts. So Amazon gives the wrong impression to a reader. As I just said – a perfect mess. Well, little by little I try to re-publish all my more valuable titles at a different publishing platform as a new edition of 2020. Definitely, they do have all my previous editions since they seized the complete control over them in the February 2018. It’s a lot of work to correct the present unfavorable presentation of my books, and I do what I can. Zoia Eliseyeva on June 30, 2020

Trilingual book based on the classic of Russian literature.
Trilingual version of Chekhov’s romance story.

The book is in Russian  language.

I wrote the book from 1995 to 2004. There was about 4-year break within this period. After the break I continued writing because one of my correspondents from Russia asked me: “How come you are not sending us your stories anymore? We loved your stories!” This remark inspired me to continue writing. In summer of 2004 I went to Moscow, Russia and made an agreement with the publishing house “Golos” handled by the writer Alyoshkin to publish 1000 copies. The picture of that first Moscow edition you see on the front cover of this Amazon 2010 edition.

GERMAN-ENGLISH-FRENCH-SPANISH-RUSSIAN BOOK of FIVE LANGUAGES The Red Riding Hood by Brothers Grimm: For Children and Adults (English, French, Spanish, Russian and German Edition) (German) 1st Edition
by Zoia Eliseyeva (Author)
ISBN-13: 978-1508931492
ISBN-10: 1508931496

Paperback: 82 pages

The popular fairy-tale by brothers Grimm found in this five language book its wonderfully original expression. Adults, children, parents, students and teachers can use the beautiful book while reviewing their knowledge of the five world languages: German, English, French, Spanish, and Russian. The book has Grammar notes and tables of English and German verbs with translation into Spanish and Russian. The fairy-tale “Little Red Riding Hood” is presented at first in 5-language format, five languages in paragraphs on a separate, well-defined page that will open nicely on any e-device. In the end of the book the tale is presented in each language that uses Latin alphabet in its entirety. The book is a wonderful learning and entertaining tool for any age. It is the first five-language book based on classical literature by a creative linguist Zoia Eliseyeva. Zoia Eliseyeva teaches three languages. She has Master’s Degree in Education. Her first stories were published twenty years ago in Russia and in USA.



The Masque of Red Death
English-German-French-Spanish-Russian – The BOOK OF FIVE LANGUAGES based on a complete story by Edgar Allan Poe. The 3 extracts follow, being read by 3 native speakers of French, English, and Russian respectively.

Why am I always shy about my accent in French? Whatever is the reason, I asked Pierre, my French pen pal of 23 years to audio this extract for me. The pronunciation of a native speaker is always valuable.

Overview of the Book

Sorry for the formatting! The site is constantly under construction and some editing features do not work quite as expected on one push of a button. ZE on Dec 26 2018 from AZ, USA The five languages book “The Masque of the Red Death” is devoted to Edgar Poe’s story – a rich multilingual reading and studying experience!
It is recommended for students, professors, and all people (adults or teenagers), who are interested in the presented languages: English, German, French, Spanish, and Russian. The languages belong to three different language groups: Germanic, Romance, Slavic. The comparison of the translations will bring to a reader an incomparable experience of language study while enjoying reading the complete text story by the brilliant unique American author. Take it with you on an uninhabited island! Your life will be more entertaining than that of the Robinson Crusoe, because it will take you a long time to figure out the five languages, unless you have already devoted significant time and effort to each of the five.
For the convenience of the reader who wants to concentrate on just one language, each of the 5 translations is also reproduced, at the back of the book, in an uninterrupted text format.
The book also has some entertaining multilingual comparative vocabulary exercises with the answers – across the five languages.

Zoia Eliseyeva (Sproesser, Burkhart by marriages) has been writing since 1996, and her multilingual books (over 20) have been contributing to the language study in USA, Russia, and around the world for quite a few years. Zoia has Master’s Degree in Education and has been appreciated by her students of English, Russian, and Spanish languages in Europe, USA, and Mexico.


A native speaker of English Michael, born in LA, California, reads the extract. He is also one of the characters in my first book in Russian language “The Girl from California”. 1st edition – by Zoia Burkhart. 2nd edition – by Zoia Sproesser (Burkhart), later editions by Zoia Eliseyeva. The above mentioned are my last names by two marriages in USA from 1995-2014. Eliseyeva is my maiden last name.

Пятиязычная книга на базе рассказа Эдгара По “
Маска Красной смерти
” Языки – англ-нем франц-испан-рус Книга 172 
стр Можно читать пока не выучишь все пять языков. 
Плюс – пока не поймешь, почему переводчик перевел именно так, 
хотя можно было и вот эдак. 
Тогда – наскучит.

Re-Publishing My Books June 2020

Dear visitors of my site!

This is the paste from my today’s email with the link to one of my first four books (Russian-English Moidodir) that I just re-edited and submitted for republishing.

Dear Zoia Eliseyeva,
Thank you for your patience.
“Russian-English Dual-Language Book based on the Masterpiece of the Children’s Humorous Classical Poem “Moidodir” is on sale and the link is listed below:

Today it is June 15, 2020. I have forwarded for republishing four books by now. Please be aware that Kindle banned me from the beginning of this month. So I am republishing all my titles with another publishing portal. Kindle probably continues selling whatever they want of my 20+ titles. It’s all big secret with them except one thing is very clear: They banned the author (me) from the access to her own books, files, creations, and never let me to control my own files. They call it “free publishing”. I call it “any author can publish with us for free but we will unconditionally own his or her files from that moment on” – yes, that’s true – they will get all of you for free, together with your thoughts and ideas. What a noble treat of authors!

This is link to my article on another page of this site, when I was excited the first day they banned me from the access to my author’s publishing portal.


Since then I have republished my first four books and continue working on editing my other titles. Some of them get a new chapter added. If it is Russian grammar, I will probably collect all my Russian grammar scattered in different books in one separate book and it will be another book just devoted only to Russian grammar (for readers in English language). I also found a couple of days ago the notebook of five years ago, when I was tutoring in Russian advanced level one secret agent of FBI or such. He was all secretive and did not report to me to which organization he belonged. However, he had worked in American consulates located in former Soviet republics, and his level of Russian was quite good. I was hired by one hiring agency to teach him (in California, in a city not far from Los Angeles). So, that notebook of our 2-week classes can be the base for a nice chapter in Advanced level of Russian. We were looking with him into a few textbooks, we spoke in Russian, shared many stories. I was preparing him for the next level of the Russian language exam. Ok! Thank you for reading me.

Zoia Eliseyeva on June 15, 2020 in CA, USA


I have a story about every picture on this cover. Some other time! 😀 Zoia

Amazing! I wrote this in my German Homework one year and four months ago! And look at me – where I am now – struggling for my books! Looking at my books in fifteen -twenty bookstores on sale all over the world, discovering every single day new and new stores who sell ten of my books, 15 of my books, 25 of my books, all editions, on both of my last names. How wonderful! Instead of doing something good and useful with my time, I have to participate in this pitiful struggle for my own creations! I communicate with tens of bookstores, book marketers, as they call themselves, distributors, separate professionals in the field, official offices and organizations, and all of this is such a waste of my precious time, that I could use for studies and new creations for people to learn from. Here comes the monster from fairy-tale named “Life” and steps on your rights, and deprives you of them, and you have to fight for justice – or – remain humiliated and oppressed in the shade while all your multicolored creations are looking at you from all over the internet. Unbelievable! Friends!Do not be lazy! Stop the video for 3 seconds and read English or Russian translation, if you do not understand German, and you will see the beginning of this ugly circumstance I am in right now. One year and four months ago. This is what the powerful monster is doing to a Russian language native speaker educator in USA. Democracy? Only for rich. I am surprised that for this one year and four months period I have been able to create some good things. Just look at my UTube. Оne colleague in self-publishing suggested: maybe it is political? Maybe they cut you off because of your Russian books? And she continued – “well, that would be completely crazy!”. My 2 innocent Russian books: one basically autobiographical, a diary, and the second – advice, how to find work in USA. Interesting times we are living in now, friends! Zoia Eliseyeva on July 23, 2020 from California, USA


Удивительно! Я написала это в своей домашней работе по немецкому год и четыре месяца назад! И вы только посмотрите на меня сейчас – вся окунулась в борьбу за свои книги. Любуюсь на свои книги, как они продаются в десяти, пятнадцати, двадцати магазинах по всему миру, аж флаги изучила получше пока пытаюсь вычислить что за язык сайта и что за валюта там. Книги мои везде и всюду, все издания, на теперешнюю и прежнюю фамилию. Замечательно! Вместо того, чтобы проводить свое время с пользой, когда я могла бы поделиться с людьми своими знаниями, я вынуждена тратить драгоценное время на это пустое и глупое бряцанье оружием. Ну а иначе сиди растоптанный, молчи в тряпочку, и любуйся как все продают твои разноцветные создания. Боже мой, с какими утонченными нахалами приходится говорить – нахалами от книгопродажного бизнеса. Они все белые и пушистые, выражаясь избитым сленгом, они повыставили по 25 книг и понятия не имеют куда идут деньги с продаж. А они все работают бесплатно, оказывается! Одну книгу выставляют в трех ценах, без доставки и с доставкой. (С мальчиком, без мальчика, невеста на траве, невеста без травы – это из 4 главы моей первой книги).Друзья! Не поленитесь и прочтите рус. перевод этого видео. Это видео оказалось прямо каким-то провидцем, Кассандрой. Так вот когда у меня уже не было охоты работать с книгами и вот почему. Опрессор задавил. А теперь я вот донкихотствую. оттачивая свою шпагу в борьбе, шпагу, которая мне навряд ли когда-то пригодится. Разве что описать все это безобразие. Демократия. Вот такая тут демократия. Только для богачей. Если бы я имела тысячи сейчас выбросить, я бы сразу их швырнула нескольким адвокатам и сократила бы намного мои старания и поиски правды. Но оно идет как идет. И, однако, куда-нибудь придет. Я не сижу сложа руки. Я пробую всякие доступные мне методы и подхожу к этому вопросу с разных сторон. Попадаются и хорошие люди на пути. Вот попросила одного владельца магазина, который под амазоном ходит – к нему иначе и не подступиться – надо все через амазон делать (все заметили неприглядную аналогию с предлогом “через” 🙂. Так он сразу снял мои две книги с продажи. Не успела я ему спеть дифирамб, вчера смотрю, у него еще одна книга. Опять за какую-то немыслимую цену. Да еще раннее издание, которое я хотела приостановить. Но не тут-то было. Как уж им в зубы попало, они не отпустят, видать. Вот такие бывают домашние работы. Ценная оказалась. Информационная. А то я в суматохе борьбы позабыла как это все начиналось.

Zoia Eliseyeva on July 23, 2020 from California, USA

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