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Book 1Russian-English page-for-page based on the complete short story by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (I personally translated it from Russian to English), and the extract from Goncharov‘s famous novel. Also I am reading all Russian text of this book on my “zoiacalifornia” UTube Channel. Please see links below this Book List. $8.00

Dual-Language Russian-English Book
This is a disconnected edition. The book may be available only from the stores who bought it from a publisher before December 2014. ISBN-10: 1453683291 ISBN-13: 978-1453683293

Dual Language Russian-English Chekhov and Goncharov 56-page book 1st Edition by Zoia Sproesser Price $8.00 Free Shipping within USA

It is a short, convenient to read compilation of the text extracts of the two of the Russian greatest classical writers of the second half of the 19th century: Anton Pavlovich Chekhov and Ivan Alexandrovich Goncharov. In this (the 1st) volume there is Chekhov’s short story “Stout and Thin” with the author’s (Zoia Sproesser’s) translation into English, and also,
an extract – the very beginning – of Goncharov’s masterpiece, the novel “Oblomov,” with the translation made in the 1950-ties in England by a professional literary translator. The book is a dual language book. When a reader opens the two pages, they will see on the left page side Russian original text, and on the right page side its English translation. The author,
a bilingual educator, who lives and works in California, USA, a native Russian speaker, when formatting the book, was trying to match the Russian to their English matching paragraphs, as best as she could. Also, the pages of Russian and English are kept strictly in match so the translation text would never overrun to the next page where a new paragraph/page starts.
The book is an excellent tool for those who studies RUSSIAN, and for ENGLISH readers who are interested in having a closer look at the Russian original of the two uniquely talented and
profound classical writers. The book is supplied by author’s comments and some Russian
language/culture explanations.

Book 25 Languages Red Death based on Edgar Poe.

Please find links to my “zoiacalifornia” channel where I read the Russian extract from this book, and two of my friends – American and French, are reading the extracts in English and in French. $12.00

$12.00 Free Shipping within USA. 174 pages.

ISBN-10: 1544155123
ISBN-13: 978-1544155128

I have a few of these books now on August 9, 2020. This is the lowest price which you can find on all those pirating stores. When you buy from them – the money goes to amazon or to them. The author, Zoia Eliseyeva, an educator, gets zero.

The five languages book “The Masque of the Red Death” is devoted to Edgar Poe’s story – a rich multilingual reading and studying experience! It is recommended for students, professors, and all people (adults or teenagers), who are interested in the presented languages: English, German, French, Spanish, and Russian. The languages belong to three different language groups: Germanic, Romance, Slavic. The comparison of the translations will bring to a reader an incomparable experience of language study while enjoying reading the complete text story by the brilliant unique American author (who also studied in Britain).
Take it with you on an uninhabited island! Your life will be more entertaining than that of the Robinson Crusoe, because it will take you a long time to figure out the five languages, unless you have already devoted significant time and effort to each of the five. For the convenience of the reader who wants to concentrate on just one language, each of the 5 translations is also reproduced, at the back of the book, in an uninterrupted text format. The book also has some entertaining multilingual comparative vocabulary exercises with the answers – across the five languages. Zoia Eliseyeva (Sproesser, Burkhart by marriages) has been writing
since 1996, and her multilingual books (over 20) have been contributing to the language study in USA, Russia, and around the world for quite a few years. Zoia has Master’s Degree in Education and has been appreciated by her students of English, Russian, and Spanish languages in Europe, USA, and Mexico.

Book 3Russian-English Book of 8 Russian Songs with Transliteration, 1st edition, by Zoia Sproesser. I have on my UTube ‘zoiacalifornia” all of these 8 songs. So, you will have a book for the lowest price and you will listen to all the songs of the book as many times as you need. $10.00

84 pages, 1st edition of 2012. $10.00 Free Shipping. Within USA.
ISBN10 1466280549 ISBN13 9781466280540
The Book is a Dual Language book of Russian Songs with transliteration.
Each song is presented in the following way: on the left page you will
see the original song in Russian language and on the matching right page you will
see the transliteration of the Russian text with Latin alphabet for easier reading
for those readers who do not have sufficient Russian reading skills. Then follows
the English translation of the lyrics and the cultural notes about each song and other
cultural observations. The choice of songs is very selective. A reader of a book,
will have a close look on the art of a Russian song, as well as he or she will enrich
their vocabulary by reading, listening and singing together these beautiful songs. Russian
art song is a special event, a big part of Russian culture. This book is a nice
introduction to the Russian song art. If the book is popular with a reader, the author
will continue the series of Song Books. The book is an excellent special way to study
the language, singing together, and, at the same time, it is very informative and can be
used by Russian language instructors, and students as a great additional language tool.

Book 4 – Russian-English “Moidodir” Poem with Grammar. 92 pages. $9.00

$9.00 within USA. Free Shipping. 1st edition. ISBN10 1460952448
ISBN13 9781460952443

The Book is a Dual Language book: Russian-English, left-to-right-page match, plus supplements with detailed explanations. This is the 3rd Book of the series Russian-English Dual-Language Masterpieces of Russian and English Literature authored by Classics. Korney Chukovskiy is an absolutely outstanding Soviet author, who became a classic for children and adults. His poems are very easily memorized because of their perfect rhyming, rich beautiful vocabulary, and intelligent witty content with a moral in conclusion. Millions of Russian people know these poems by heart since their childhood. The poem can be read by adults and enjoyed as much as when read together with children. We, adults, have the soul that partly remains childish all through our lives. This childishness keeps us youthful, happy, energetic, and relaxed. The book has a Grammar Supplement (Past Tense of Russian verb, and some more), as well as the author’s insight on a unique historical 70-year political and social experiment – Soviet Union. The book is written in an easy to read, fun manner, and at the same time it is very informative and can be used by Russian language instructors, as a great additional language tool. Zoia is a bilingual professional who lives and works in California. She has a Master’s Degree in Education and seven years of Spanish studies, that expands her cultural perception on literature to the three world languages. She is a native speaker of Russian; an audio track of the poem is also available. This is an unusual Dual-Language Book and the readers will enjoy the book to their satisfaction and towards their enrichment.

Book 5 – Russian-English Dual Language based on Jerome k Jerome. 1st Edition by Zoia Sproesser. 64 pages. $7.50 – Discontinued Edition, lowest price.

$7.50 Free Shipping Within USA. ISBN10 1460929853
ISBN13 9781460929858

It is a short, convenient to read dual language compilation of the beginning of the
masterpiece humorous novel by a famous British writer Jerome K. Jerome and page-for-page
Russian translation of the extract. The Russian translation of “Three men in a Boat”
is a brilliant literary presentation of the original text of the novel. Being a bilingual
English-Russian educator for many years, and a connoisseur of laughter, humor and funny
things, the author decided to share this dual language book with the both cultures, American,
or English-reading people, and Russian simultaneously. Instead of reading not funny,
serious pieces of dual-language texts, that are sometimes hard to concentrate on, why not to
have the dual pleasure: to help the progress of your language study and have a pleasure of
laughing! The book is exposing to the utmost extent the richness of the both languages, as
well as the refined irony that saturates the narration of the literary master. The author,
a native Russian speaker, who lives and works in California hopes that this book will inspire
those English or Russian readers who have never read the novel, to discover this treasure of
literary art and humor to enjoy for many years. Classical literature calls us read it and
reread it. The humor classic makes us relax with laughter, that is the best medicine, an
elixir of life for the heart and soul. The book is supplied by author’s comments in which
you will find the author’s translation of a curious historical episode from the book of
a Russian classical writer I.A. Bunin who met Jerome K. Jerome in London in 1926. This
Bunin’s book was a prohibited reading during the Soviet Union because of its anti-revolutionary mood. Now, in the post-Soviet era a Russian reader has discovered the literary works prohibited during Soviet era. The book is an excellent additional tool for language instructors and all those who are interested in studying English or Russian, and who loves to laugh!
The author plans to continue this series of dual language original literary works which are
generally not widely known to a reader, at least in the way they are presented in the series.
The idea of this line of publications is to introduce brilliant language extracts of the two
or three world languages together with their meaningful contents, the thoughts of the writers
that deserve to be not just known but studied. The rapidly growing worldwide virtual
communication demands a modern person who wants to be successful and have a more interesting and exciting life to be proficient in a few languages of the world significance.

Book 6 – Russian language book. Девушка из штата Калифорния (The Girl from California). Second edition in Russia – 2017. 247 pages. $20.00. FREE SHIPPING within USA.

$20.00 FREE SHIPPING within USA. ISBN 978-5-4485-5153-6 (, 2017)

Book 7 – this is a set of 4 books. Discounted price, Free Shipping – $36.00

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