I hope/Я надеюсь

I hope that Russian-speaking parents of young children are able to tell the difference between correct, good Russian language and bad, illiterate one. I now, by chance, came across a site where I saw a children’s fairy-tale posted in a bad, illiterate Russian language. I emphasize, that I am not a political person, and I do not have any favoritism towards any countries, however, I have to mention that the site I am mentioning here is from Ukraine. It is seen from the site’s address. I understand that the creators have already lost the good command of Russian language, however they want to use it to attract the visitors. It is a shame when people cannot edit their own texts and are unaware of their bad quality. With this comment I just want to warn the readers, especially the young parents who teach their children – please be aware of the existence of the bad quality texts on internet. Educate yourself! Go to educated, reliable sources. Do not read to your children distorted language. Russian language is rich and beautiful. One has to learn it, and appreciate its value.

Надеюсь, что родители, которые читают своим детям сказки с интернета умеют различить плохое качество текста от хорошего. Я сейчас набрела в интернете на один сайт детских сказок и неприятно удивилась ужасному тексту сказки на русском языке. Язык исковеркан, отвратительные речевые обороты. Хочется предупредить, что есть и такие безграмотные сайты. Я не хочу делать никаких нападок ни на какую страну в особенности, но все-таки замечу, что сайт тот был с Украины. Это можно заметить по интернетному адресу. Видимо, у людей осталось какое-то плохое знание русского языка и они не стесняются выставлять это на всеобщее обозрение.

Zoia Eliseyeva on February 20, 2019 (California, USA)

Links to My Trilingual Academic Book based on Tolstoy’s “Death of Ivan Ilyich”

Leo Tolstoy's masterpiece in trilingual format.
Russian-English-Spanish academic book, a psychological novel.

 Series: Trilingual Books by Zoia Eliseyeva (Book 3)

 Paperback: 380 pages

 Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (January 22, 2016)

 Languages (three -the full text Tolstoy’s novel):  English, Russian, Spanish

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Book Description:

This is a complete text trilingual version of the Leo Tolstoy’s famous psychological novel: Russian-English-Spanish. It opens as three paragraphs of the three presented languages on one page. In an electronic format it will run with the paragraphs separated by single, and pages by double lines. The book is a deeply psychological story by a literary genius of Tolstoy. It can be read in any combination of these three world languages. The book can be used by students, professors, or anyone who wants to enjoy the three presented languages. The trilingual text is supplied by the author’s translation of notes from the original 33-year-old Russian edition (Russian to English), as well as with the comments on some of Tolstoy’s vocabulary, and its reflection in the presented translations. Zoia Eliseyeva is a trilingual educator, Russian native speaker in the USA. She has Master’s degree in Education and many publications since 1997: Russian and multilingual.

Heute haben wir Freitag, den fünfzehnten Februar, zweitausendneun-zehn. Das Buch! Check it out! The good shape legs of a female singer will last only a few years while she is young. Your knowledge in three world languages – of the six used by OUN – of the classical psychological novel by Leo Tolstoy will last all your life, making it better and richer with worldly and personal thoughts and experiences.  The legs’ viewing – a momentous satisfaction; the book having, reading, rereading, studying, teaching your children – precious ongoing enrichment of your life. Zoia on Feb.15, 2019 from CA, USA

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