Joke of the Day – March 20, 2024 or The Modern Mammoth’s Survival

I wanted to say a joke, but came up with a little story.

Here it is.
I wonder, how long a modern “mammoth”, who resists using
downloadable aps through codes, can survive?
They (codes, offers, ads) are coming from all directions, I’d say in a more aggressive way, almost every day.
The mammoth may just not be able, for example, to see that button F11 to exit the Full screen feature – because s/he is 1) of a mammoth’s age and because 2) s/he is writing in the darkness of the night. All today’s youngsters will be that age one day, even if they do not realize it now. Time is non-turnable. It only moves in one direction: to future.
I was in a European big city airport in 2021 and at the check-up counter they made me download the code-reader app in order to read their app.
When I flew to the next European capital city, a few hours later, the other fellow-traveler-mammoth, who spoke only one European language, asked me help her around the airport because she had heard me talking the language actively at the check-up counter of the previous city. Yes, that’s true, in a European capital city, in its big airport, for some reason, nobody was willing to understand the second of the 6 languages of the world communication: the language spoken in Europe and widely in South America. I helped her all the way because I am always happy to help other human beings with what I can. This is how we were brought up back in my native culture, and this is what today, I think, is more important than ever.
It seems that not knowing a popular foreign language will be the smallest challenge for a human being in the near future.
Well, a mammoth with the knowledge of a few popular modern languages may choose to resist the pressure of imposed codes, apps, and other downloads. However, if it becomes as necessary as it was the transfer to a cell service a few years ago, then, I guess, the mammoth will adjust and survive during its remaining life.

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