Joke of the Day – March 20, 2024 or The Modern Mammoth’s Survival

I wanted to say a joke, but came up with a little story.

Here it is.
I wonder, how long a modern “mammoth”, who resists using
downloadable aps through codes, can survive?
They (codes, offers, ads) are coming from all directions, I’d say in a more aggressive way, almost every day.
The mammoth may just not be able, for example, to see that button F11 to exit the Full screen feature – because s/he is 1) of a mammoth’s age and because 2) s/he is writing in the darkness of the night. All today’s youngsters will be that age one day, even if they do not realize it now. Time is non-turnable. It only moves in one direction: to future.
I was in a European big city airport in 2021 and at the check-up counter they made me download the code-reader app in order to read their app.
When I flew to the next European capital city, a few hours later, the other fellow-traveler-mammoth, who spoke only one European language, asked me help her around the airport because she had heard me talking the language actively at the check-up counter of the previous city. Yes, that’s true, in a European capital city, in its big airport, for some reason, nobody was willing to understand the second of the 6 languages of the world communication: the language spoken in Europe and widely in South America. I helped her all the way because I am always happy to help other human beings with what I can. This is how we were brought up back in my native culture, and this is what today, I think, is more important than ever.
It seems that not knowing a popular foreign language will be the smallest challenge for a human being in the near future.
Well, a mammoth with the knowledge of a few popular modern languages may choose to resist the pressure of imposed codes, apps, and other downloads. However, if it becomes as necessary as it was the transfer to a cell service a few years ago, then, I guess, the mammoth will adjust and survive during its remaining life.

My UTube Channels and Kolbasa (Sausage) Update

My UTube Channels and Kolbasa (Sausage) Update

In 2018 Utube warned that it would soon close the channels with not enough subscribers (small channels). I had about 5 or 6 channels at that time, where I tried to post my UTube videos by general categories of my time/place/work at a certain point of time.
For example, I had a small boutique type fashion store for a year (May 2013 – May2014), the year when I left my second marriage. It was a difficult year: the opposed divorce, severely cut teaching hours in California, no help from anybody (only one person still lived from my family of origin).
So, at the time of my beautiful store I created the channel “Zoia’s Fashions”, naturally devoted to my small business.
Later, my personal historical circumstances connected me to Arizona, so I created the channel connected to the email address with the word “Arizona”. That channel has the photo/symbol of orange color (the prevailing color) of a few of my books.
I thought my life disconnected me from California at that point. However, in a couple of years I started again working for a community college in California, and that made my first channel “zoiacalifornia” look like having again a very good sense. Besides, that first channel originally had the biggest amount of posts, some of which became quite popular with a viewer, and got 20 or 30 or more thousands of views. Of course, it is nothing compared with multi-million subscribers and channel views, however, it is definitely better than UTube channels with no their own content posted, or playlists created of other people’s creations. Nevertheless, I do not mean to judge the people who just come to UTube to watch and leave their comments: it is a platform for watching.
Needless to say that since my profession is an educator, my focus is on a few languages – teaching and studying. There is a certain depth to each culture and each language that I have studied, or still study. Often times that depth is quite bottomless. That means that the videos that I create on a regular basis to portray languages and cultures, have very different stories of creation. On some of them I work for weeks. For example, I just posted a fairy-tale “Froschkönig” in German and English. I started doing my Russian translation of it. But yesterday I decided if I was going to delay the post till my Russian translation and slides to it were ready, my Froschkönig would not see the light of day for a while. So, I decided to post a bilingual tale GER-ENG, and then, when Russian is ready, I will post that separately. So, I have been working on this Froschkönig, on and off, for about 6 months. However, the Italian historically rooted song “Alla Mattina Appena Alzata” that I posted yesterday, took only a couple of days. I got by chance into the site of songs lyrics from all over the world, and translated there an easy song from ENG to RUS, and on the way of doing it I came across the wonderful Bella Chao song that I have known forever, since my older brother (in my Soviet childhood) was young and hummed the melody. So, now, after many years, in USA, in English, I read the history of Bella Chao and it threw a quite bright light for me on a historical song Mattina Alzata. I loved it, including the fact that it is connected with the hard labor. The hard labor of women – for me – is connected with a Russian poet Nekrasov. All the details are very different and belonging to two completely different world cultures. But for me – there is a connection. It is well-known that there are women in the world who never knew hard labor and money earning by themselves, but there is the other kind – who knew hard labor. Myself – I do not belong to either of these named categories. I am an educator, a (mostly self) self-published writer, so my labor is intellectual, not physical. I am here, in this article, not to praise my own work, but to describe the origin of the video post that appeared in my head just a few days ago, and was posted almost right away, without a delay. And this song is dear to me – all the memories and emotions it triggers; let alone the Italian language, which I like a lot, but I do not have time of my life to learn seriously a few languages at a time. I have already mentioned this fact here and there: that there is not enough time in life to do all the things that a person wants to do and accomplish.
To finalize my word about the creation of videos and my few video channels, there are five or six video-channels that I have, and some valuable videos are not visited much, and some of these channels are staying not very active because of the changes in UTube posting policies of 2018 and the choice I had to make to fit those new changes.
Today I discovered the beautiful (said not without humor) four videos about the kinds of sausage in Russian culture, and I realized that they represent 4 Episodes of Season 1 of my series “Kolbasa”. Please, smile, as I do now! The topic is food, the quite prosaic one!
This series is in English language, and can be used as an original additional cultural insight by the professors and students of Russian language. For example, a professor of (conversational) Russian could give a Homework to students – to watch the four short videos and then to compare the topic and described realia with that existing in their own culture. Then ask them to write a little one-paragraph report reflecting their thoughts, and adding/sharing the information from their culture on the topic.

0:55 Length

1:42 Length

2:36 Length

8:22 Length

Zoia Eliseyeva
December 7, 2020
S nastupayuschim Novim Godom -2021!

The Joke “How EASY it is to get your Profile Picture on WordPress”: Just follow the Simple Steps! Enjoy! :D December 28, 2019 from – Zoia Eliseyeva

All URLs on Gravatar are based on the use of the hashed value of an email address. Images and profiles are both accessed via the hash of an email, and it is considered the primary way of identifying an identity within the system. To ensure a consistent and accurate hash, the following steps should be taken to create a hash:

  1. Trim leading and trailing whitespace from an email address
  2. Force all characters to lower-case
  3. md5 hash the final string

As an example, let’s say we start with “ ” (note the trailing space which our hypothetical user entered by mistake). If we md5 encode that string directly, we get the following (in PHP):

12echo md5( " " );// "f9879d71855b5ff21e4963273a886bfc"

If we now run that same email address through the above process, you will see that we get a different result (again in PHP):

1234$email = trim( " " ); // ""$email = strtolower( $email ); // ""echo md5( $email );// "0bc83cb571cd1c50ba6f3e8a78ef1346"

This can easily be combined into a single line:

1echo md5( strtolower( trim( " " ) ) );

Once you have generated a consistent hash, you can then request either an image or a profile.

Dual-Language Joke of the Day

January 2, 2019


Postpartum traveling depression  -(depression after you came back home from traveling).

Депрессия после путешествия – по аналогии с Postpartum – депрессией матери после родов.


23 года в Америке – спрашиваю у американца: “Так когда turkey готовить – сегодня 24 декабря, или завтра 25-ого?”

Из рубрики – Русские в Америке. Сколько лет надо наблюдать приготовление индюка чтобы запомнить – Кристмас 24-ого или 25-ого? Ну вот через 23 года я еще не запомнила. Спрашиваю.

Так и у них все русское между ушей пролетает. Оно им надо, какие у нас традиции или праздники?

Не ждите картинки по теме. Индюка все видели. А вот мне фотографий кучи никак не разобрать. Поэтому выставляю, что под руку подвернется. Все организованнее чем в файлах среди туч других фото.

Итак, под руку мне сегодня подвернулась…

Эту фотографию я потом где-нибудь выставлю - Москва как никак.
Под руку мне подвернулись мои ночные бдения с писаниной и компьютерным творчеством.
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