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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year – 2019!!!

Infinitivo no subjuntivo aquí!

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  1. Exactly! To myself! Once I opened here for outside comments and I was overwhelmed with Spam and Trash appearing on my pages. They were talking about themselves and to themselves with horrible language. Why on my pages? I don’t know. I guess they found a free pasture. So I closed it for outer comments. I am contacted once in a rare while by my readers. So decent people will find the way how to contact me with a question.
    Now, if I were an artist, which I am regretfully not, I would put here a picture of a woman protecting her house with a rifle in her hands. The real life reminded me of that scene.
    And now a rhetorical question (the one that is put forward for the sake of an argument/discussion but not seeking the answer) – can a scene from life fact be categorized as black humor? Or a bad, inappropriate joke?

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