Consumer Protection 2021

Covid-19 Booster Shot – My Personal Update
on November 12, 2021

     I did my Covid-19 vaccine (one shot - Johnson & Johnson) on April 1, 2021. Please see video under this note.
     Yesterday I spoke to a medical doctor who is also a PhD and an international type of a person. He works in a big clinic in a capital city of one state and travels to Europe.  I trust his judgement since he is very particular and successful in his own medical field research as well as knowledgeable in general topics. I asked him a question "Should I do a boost vaccination shot or not considering the fact that it has been 7 months since my vaccination was done?" I added that  my family clinic did not have any special instructions on the topic. He said I should do Moderna.
I went to my pharmacy and asked them for Moderna. They did not have Moderna, but explained that Pfizer would do as well. So, I did my Pfizer booster shot.  

Written on November 12, 2021

I did Covid-19 vaccine on April 1, 2021 (for general public information)

Dear Visitor of my webpage “Consumer Protection – 2021”!

If you live in USA, particularly in California or Arizona, this information can help you not to choose bad services or rather the companies who deliver bad services.

From now on I am going to share here the companies which is better to avoid using.

I have been through some bad experiences with these companies (2021) and so, I will post my Bad List here. As we all know, there are customer complaining websites out there, and a lot of information that we can find online. It all takes time. So, the more helpful information for a consumer, the better.

I am creating this page with the hope that if somebody sees the bad service company here, he or she will not repeat my mistakes by avoiding these companies.

The interesting thing is that you may look at Yelp or other online reviews and they do not show the bad customer treatment. The Yelp reviews can be misleading. I saw them showing 100 percent excellent reviews on the companies that did bad service.

  1. Universal Glass in Glendale, Arizona
  2. Ideal Image in Peoria, Arizona
  3. Burns’ Dentistry in West Sun City, Arizona


  1. Universal Glass – overcharged me 300 dollars and sent a forgetful window glass installer to the house who misplaced the window screen, did not measure correctly what was supposed to be measured. The company delayed their services for weeks because of the forgetful employee-the window glass installer. The Summary: Overcharge, Delay, Hassle. Online they show 100 percent customer satisfaction. I don’t think so! I used this company’s services in February-March 2021.
  2. Ideal Image – misleading, false advertisement, overcharge of hundreds of dollars. Now I have to waste my personal time to dispute the charges with my credit card company. I did not use their services because of the false advertisement. I found out about this the hard way – going through Zoom interview, multiple appointment reminders and then coming to that appointment. However, of course, they hurried to post the charge on my credit card. Actually, 3 charges. Customers! Do not use this company!
  3. Burns’ Dentistry has a big office, the best medical equipment, and an army of medical and supporting staff. Their problem is that they impose extra dental work to charge thousands of dollars. If you are a gullible person like I, you may trust them and then end up with thousands of debt and discomfort of unnecessary dental procedures. Do not use them, unless you want to experience that physical discomfort (like falling out of temporary crowns and delaying appointments) and you have no better way to spend your money. Look at them online and you will see the excellent 100 percent satisfaction reviews. Well, It is not so. This is me, and I cannot wait (still three days left) to have that appointment to stop living in fear that I can lose that temp (or swallow it in sleep) – the dental work I could easily avoid for the next 5-10 years! There were no emergencies but the mere pressure from that office. They surround you with huge screens, scan your teeth from all sides, and show you horror movies and tell you horror stories about your mouth. This is how they catch you. Do not be caught!
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