Audio – in Russian language – for the both texts of the book on Chekhov and Goncharov


OBLOMOV by GONCHAROV Dual Language Book Zoia Eliseyeva

OBLOMOV by GONCHAROV Dual Language Book Zoia Eliseyeva
Dual-Language Russian-English Book
This is a disconnected edition. The book may be available only from the stores who bought it from a publisher before December 2014 or from the author – she has a few books of this edition.

There are newer editions of this book – after January 2015 with the author “Zoia Eliseyeva”. I will remind here, that Chekhov’s story “Stout and Thin” (Толстый и тонкий) is translated to English by me in this book. Eliseyeva Zoia – is my name in American culture (USA, Estados Unidos in Spanish language), where I have lived since the year 1995. Елисеева Зоя Владимировна – this is how my name looks or would sound in Russian culture, written in Cyrillic (Russian) alphabet if I lived in Russia, where my parents were born, and where my family lived.

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