Economic/Intellectual Crime Against My Books is Going On – August 6, 2020

My over 20 multilingual educational books based on classics are sold on Barnes and Noble, AbeBooks, Book Depository, on Amazon (just some – Amazon gets the main part of royalties when selling through world-wide distributors; it does not need necessarily to show all my books on its USA page), and on many international book sites (Bokus – Swedish, Bol – Dutch, French, German, India, Arab Emirates, Norway, United Kingdom – just to name a few).

Ingram is named as a supplier by Book Depository.

Ingram and Barnes and Noble play innocent and always answer negatively to all requests about taking my books off their sales.

I guess, they are hiding themselves behind the Amazon who provided them with all files for my paperbacks. Just counted – 25 different titles and 28 or 29 books sold (there are about 4 books that are the same titles but different ISBNs and editions – on Zoia Sproesser and Zoia Eliseyeva).

I started self-publishing my books on CreateSpace in 2010 and had received little monthly royalties regularly till May 2020.  In May 2020 KDP/Amazon banned me from my book portal and they stopped paying royalties. Now I can order my own brand new books online for the prices created by retailers – just to trace this print-on-demand process. In the meanwhile, the royalties are going to all these sellers, suppliers and distributors, including Amazon – from across the world distribution. The majority of my books are in 2 to 5 languages and they are based on world classics and they include grammar. My multipage Claim is in Amazon legal department now. How long this wide-spread official piracy and robbery of my books will be going on – I do not know. My books are by Zoia Sproesser (2010-2014- last name by marriage) and Zoia Eliseyeva (2015-2017 maiden last name). While investigating this “economic/intellectual” crime with my books I just want the authors to know that it is possible that everybody sells your print-on-demand books and you do not have a cent for them.  This is what has been going on with all my books for two months. Authors! Be aware!

The other goal of this article is to document and record the last facts/current situation with my books.

My open profiles by my name are on all public platforms. 

Zoia Eliseyeva, instructor of languages, on August 6, 2020 from California, USA

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