Register for the class online at – Victor Valley College in California, USA! The class starts March 15, 2021

Instructor – Zoia Eliseyeva.

The class is AENG 10.9 and it is devoted to Bridge to Employment and Job Success. An experienced instructor Zoia will adjust the level of English to the students who will register and will teach appropriate level English grammar additionally to the main topic “Job Success”.

In this class students will learn about job search, modern employment opportunities, how to write professional job resumes, and how to pass job interviews. Students will learn about this important life survival topic together with English grammar.

The class is only 2-hour long and it is in the early afternoon. You can “stop by” in Zoia’s class during your lunch time and refresh your head with the beautiful practical topic and so necessary for all who live in the USA English grammar.

To register for the class –

  1. Go to
  2. Find the classes for the term Spring 2021
  3. Select AENG – Adult Education English
  4. You will see only 8 classes there – of different levels. They will be 10.1, 10.4, 10.5, etc.
  5. Select my (Zoia’s. I am Zoia!) class – 10.9 Brg to Job Scs. You will see the Instructor’s name “Zoia Eliseyeva”. You cannot miss it! 😀
  6. Let’s learn together! Hope to see you in my class! I also speak Spanish and Russian, that can be helpful for students of Spanish/LatinAmerican or Russian origins.

This is the time of class:

03/15/2021-06/09/2021 Laboratory/Studio/Activity Monday, Wednesday 12:30PM – 02:35PM, For Remote Classes (covid), Room CANVAS

What is CANVAS?

CANVAS is the internet learning portal that has become very popular in the last few years with USA community colleges for online teaching/learning.

How to reach Zoia if you have questions?

All college instructors have the same established format of email addresses that show that an instructir belongs to a certain institution.

You can ask Admissions Department or Students’ Help Desk. Those telephones and emails are widely advertised on the college website – (Victor Valley College in California, USA).

Zoia Eliseyeva

February 22, 2021


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