To the Unknown Dec 23 2018

Hoorah! I have the first spam comment in my comments box.

Somebody from somewhere was talking about carbohydrates.

From unknown commenter into the unknown somebody’s site (well, known to me) and back into the big unknown jungle of internet. Now I start thinking that the picture of me near Apollo-13 in Hollywood Studios is a very symbolical one.

We live in the unknown and we go to the unknown. And the transport is always ready – the old Apollo 13 with me, quite young on the side, with me, frozen in time near that old Apollo.

The journey continues.

To the unknown, my friend!

1995. San Diego, CA. I came to USA a few months or even weeks ago.
S Diego. The little top I am wearing got me under harsh judgment of older women in the group trip to Italy in around 1991 where I was on the mission to guard mi suegra of that time. She was a naughty 40yo who disappeared on me in the train to Bratislava. I found her smoking in a company of a younger man. Adventures of youth! Really? I kept that top for 4 years, really? I must have miscalculated something. The top was snow-white. I came to USA in 1995.

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