Whatever Left of It for Me, I Want to Have It!

My Opinion About One More Writing
Application/Software – January 31, 2021

I bought my laptop quite recently – maybe 5 months ago. Today I noticed a writing feature in it: Word Editor for Windows 10.
I opened the document and created a 7-page brochure presenting one of my Russian Grammar books.
When I wanted to save the document for myself – I could not. It appeared that I needed to go through signing in into Microsoft, and then what? Going into Google Documents? Or anywhere else? I could have created anything I wanted directly in the Google Documents without trying (as I was offered by my HP laptop which is obviously overtaken by Microsoft in many features) this new (fancy) name “Word Editor for Windows 10”.

So, what did I do?

I saved the creation as best as I could, but I never could save it in what I was opening: "Word Editor for Windows 10", because I usually sign into Microsoft with my employer (educational organization) account, and this was my personal project. I do not use my employer's address for personal projects.

What's interesting, after I started my brochure, the program asked me a few times whether I wanted to give them my feedback.
Yes, this is my feedback, and it is not positive; and I am leaving it here: in the blog of my site. Why would I spend my personal time leaving negative feedbacks? I wouldn't.  However, here, in my blog, maybe someone, who will read this feedback, will not bother to even open the named Word Editor. For people who write it is not flexible, unless they write and save all their work through signing in into Microsoft.
Let's see at first, when in a computer store about 5 months ago, I was surprised how come I could not buy a simple writing laptop (a laptop for writing a lot) cheaper than for 500 dollars. By the way, I bought 7 years ago a wonderful laptop Toshiba for 300 dollars online. So, I could not understand why they became so expensive now, as if it all goes backwards instead of technologically progressing, especially in simple devices like laptops that have been around for quite a while now.
And today - one more surprise on the top of the endless surprise about the costly WORD, which I never use except at work, occasionally, - and that surprise - one more new name of a document-creating program which does not let you save your own document creation.
It makes one wonder whether developers of such application (useless for me, a professional linguist, writer) see only dollar signs in their creations, while implying that it must be a very convenient feature to do every step through signing somewhere in order to save your document.

It is a waste of time, and it is a violation of my privacy, and, therefore, it is not a good program for a writing person like me, or for my adult students as well.

Sorry, new version of Word Editor (of Windows 10), I do not approve you!

And yes, I realize that not many people may see this feedback of mine.

However, I have written it: 

A) in my time
B) by my own will
C) not bothered or pushed by anybody’s need to collect the info
D) saving where I want it
E) I can delete it from here when I want it.

Freedom, Mesdames et Messieurs, Ladies, and Gentlemen!

Whatever left of it for me, I want to have it.

Zoia Eliseyeva
January 31, 2022

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