That Is Real Fake News!

by Zoia Eliseyeva, an educator (languages) in CA/AZ, USA – on December 2, 2022

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on Dec 2 2022 FRI at 4:21AM from CA, USA
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Leaked documents reveal Russia’s plan to invade Japan
Story by • Yesterday 2:07 p.m.

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(Zoia’s note: yesterday means December 1, 2022, because today, now, when I am writing this is December 2, 2022, 5AM in California, USA)


And this is written by whom?

By the people who cannot find enough washing detergents – to wash their guilty minds. Guilty in making huge money selling weapons to Ukraine, to continue the war in Ukraine against Russia at all costs!
How can the West stop that war? It will be the end of the huge income that the senders of weapons have now coming to their pockets.
Too good to be true! To fight so hated Russia (hated for many years and even centuries) and do it on the other land under the pretext that that land needs protection from Russia! It is the win-win situation for haters of Russia and for big pockets politicians who get their share from selling weaponry!
I will repeat – it is a too good to be true the situation for the above-mentioned wonderful people of the world.

In the meanwhile, we, American taxpayers, those who work hard for small salaries, all kinds of professional people, from drivers for community to educators for community, – we suffer hugely high gasoline prices never seen before – 5 and 6 dollars for a gallon of gas? You got to be kidding me! With all Alaska USA has.
By the way, historically Russian land – 1867 – agreement with Russia for 100 years – all forgotten, as forgotten all the lands taken from neighboring countries. However – those have the natural tendency of recovering because of the disorganized flow of the general poor population through the south borders of the USA, into the USA, which we all have been observing in the last two glorious years.
How to place all those people?
How to support them?
Well, it will be on the shoulders of us, taxpayers. It will not be on the shoulders of those deep pockets and those who live in rich areas, rich communities of states.
The growing taxes of the general taxpayer of the USA, and I am one of them, a low-income educator with 27 years of experience – aren’t we, who are struggling from paycheck to paycheck are paying now for the strange decisions made by big pockets? Aren’t we paying for gasoline? Aren’t we the richest country in the world with all its resources? Where are our resources? Why and how the conflict between a small Ukraine and (bigger) Russia, two countries in the European-Asian continent, can ever raise the prices of gasoline for the struggling working taxpayers of the USA?

And now, to take attention from the horrible crime – selling weapons to Ukraine, heating the conflict, continuing the conflict that is so beneficial for weapon sellers in the West and USA –
the wonderful authors, like the one I am showing on the top of my article, are finding all kinds of reasons to support in the gullible non-understanding Russian language readers the image of that “ugly Russia with its ugly and horrible president, the Russia-“aggressor” ” by posting this obviously fake news. This is a really faky-faky – if a reader knows a little bit about the history of Japan, the history of Russia, and the conversations of Russia and Japan regarding their neighboring territories.
This fakeness reminded me right away Bill Clinton and his affair with Monica Lewinski.
Bill Clinton started bombing Yugoslavia to take attention from his miserable home/family/working place scandal.

Ah, people! Please open your eyes, read history, translate sources from other languages, including from Russian language, do not blindly believe the fake news that is so obvious like the one that made me to write this article.

My father and my grandfather were fighting four years in Great Patriotic war. My grandfather Pavel never returned from the war of 1941-1945. They were fighting fascists and Hitler.
Today Putin fights neo-fascists who have been raising heads in Ukraine since the coup-d’état in Ukraine in 2014.

No to fascism, No to neo-fascism, No to hatred, No to weapon sellers, No to big pockets, No to big gasoline prices, No to disorders on southern borders, No to fake news.

Yes to hard-working people, USA taxpayers, Yes to education, Yes to honesty, Yes to willingness to see with open eyes what is going on with heating by the west the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Yes to good things in our life, No to bad things.

Zoia Eliseyeva
on December 2, 2022, from California, USA
Who am I?
Educator for 32 years (5 years in Europe and 27 years in USA) – I teach languages.
Self-published and published author of over 24 educational (multilingual) and memoirs type books (memoirs are in Russian language, the title is “The Girl from California” – 4 volumes from 1995 to present, 2022.)
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I will publish one of my articles from my Russian books translated into English here soon. I just have a lot of teaching work this semester and I have little time left for my personal (writing) projects. The book in English is still in the making, already for a few years. My first English language book was published about 12 years ago in USA. It was about my self-publishing experiences. It is still there, on Amazon books’ nets. My last name was Burkhart (Zoia Burkhart) from 1995 to 2006. My last name was Sproesser from 2007 to 2014. A reader can see those last names on internet search. A few of my 24 books were never republished from the last name Sproesser. I tried to republish the most important ones, like the one based on Dostoyevskiy (Crime and Punishment – I have it in Rus-Eng dual-language version, the 2 chapters of the plotting of the crime and the commitment of the crime), or like my book based on Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy (I have it also in a dual language version, also two chapters – the beginning of love between Anna and Vronskiy, and demonstrating the Russian high society of 19th century, in the times of tsarist Russia). I also have Chekhov and Tolstoy – complete novels or stories – in trilingual versions – Rus-Eng-Spa. Et cetera, et cetera – don’t get me started about my book and language projects! 😀


If I have any negative consequences after publishing this article – as the response of those who will be touched – I will publish here all of those. Freedom of Speech – mamma mia! Thanks God I know (of) a few languages and can see what speakers of other languages of the world think.

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